You have come to the right place to find out about prophecy. We will continue to update this page with links and relevant information to help you find out what may be threatening to come upon the planet. This list will contain very important keys and topics that you need to understand about what is going on and what to do about it. Where possible, links to either the source material or where to purchase source material will be given. Then come back here for the understanding of the Science of the Spoken Word which is our key to stopping these events from happening or at least protecting ourselves from those  events which do come to pass that cannot be averted.

We are currently building our library of resources. – Please check back often.

Understanding the mindset and strategies of the fallen angels:

Sun Tsu РThe Art of War  is the definitive work for warfare. I highly recommend this work because it is how warfare is conducted. Understanding the mindset of someone conducting war is critical in understanding what we face upon this planet. This work has been used as a military strategy text for thousands of years and forms the basis for most warfare strategies.

Strategies of Light and Darkness is a great book on the strategies of the dark forces and what can be done to undo them – point counter point.

The Trek Upward Radio Show is an ongoing radio show that covers prophecy, astrology and many spiritual topics. This is the website. The YouTube channel can be found by searching for the Trek Upward Radio Show. You can subscribe to the channel because the shows are a good source of current information and frequently refer to prophecies.