Please read this call aloud as written first. Spoken prayer is much more effective than any other type of prayer. Any religion can give this. This is a specific key given by the Ascended Master Jesus The Christ. There are other keys that have been given to us in other religions as well.

“In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ self, and the I AM Presence and Holy Christ self of Arthur Thum,  <and anyone else making this call with you> we agree together in the name of Jesus Christ  that the Will of God be made manifest for:

The cleaning up of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant,  and other disasters resulting from nuclear accidents and the release of massive amounts of radiation into the four lower bodies of mankind and the planet. We agree together for the Violet flame sea to consume the causes and core of the records – cause effect and memory and of the energies associated with these disasters, we agree together for the binding of the pride and ego of the members of Japanese and American governments, Tokyo Electric company officers and employees and others blocking the truth,  and that the individuals, materials, knowledge and necessary intervention from multinational sources and the angelic and Ascended Master realms to come forth to correct this problem and to restore balance to the air, the earth, and the sea as well as the four lower bodies of the planet. We agree together for the absolute God solution to come forth for the cleaning up of this disaster, the safe storage of radioactive materials and the transmutation by the violet flame of these energies of radiation in all its forms. We agree together for the protection  of the light bearers and elemental life including the ocean and its inhabitants from nuclear isotopes and radiation in all its forms from releases of radioactive material into the environment. We agree together for the immediate cleanup of this situation and guidance for those who are helping in the cleanup effort. We agree this situation be cleaned up now and all those who are standing in the way of the God solution from coming forth now step aside to allow this situation to be resolved. We agree together for the cutting through of all blocks and pride and ego which is:  keeping the entire community needed to correct this situation from coming together  keeping the truth from the world and keeping the US and Japanese citizens and other nations in the dark about what is really going on, the severity of the issues, and the continuing dangers . Therefore we agree together for the shattering of the veils of secrecy about the scope of this disaster and what is necessary to clean this up and that the citizens of the US and Japan and the world immediately know the truth about the continuing dangers and scope of this problem and react with what is necessary to fix this. That the world community no longer tolerate the blockage of truth and immediately demand and come into action to solve this matter now. We agree together for the absolute God solution to come forth now and for the Ascended Masters to take full command of what is needed to solve this on all planes of existence and anything else that is needed for the solution of this ongoing crises including but not limited to the following recommendations of solutions, we agree together for the following manifestations:

  • The intensity of this fission fires to have the violet flame added to it and to burn at that intensity, to consume and transmute all the radioactive materials into inert, non-radioactive matter
  • The fires to burn as cleanly as possible, and for all materials to consume themselves by the power of the violet flame.
  • The acceleration of  the radioactive decomposition into inert elements  to compress the timelines for instantaneous transmutation of these harmful radioactive elements.
  • The active alchemical transmutation, especially of materials like radioactive tritium, cesium and iodine
  • The complete God-Victory, and all miracles needed for the resolution of the problem
  • The protection of and the unburdening of elemental life
  • The protection of all ground waters and underground water repositories and the restoration of life and balance to the Pacific ocean and other waters and lands affected by this disaster
  • The binding of all lack of response from the world community and for those that are stopping appropriate responses to now step aside to insure the cleanup effort is victorious.
  • The truth to be made know to the world to generate the appropriate responses.
  • The clearing of  the veils blocking the Lightbearers from seeing this disaster for what it truly is.
  • The guidance and direction of our spiritual work for the unfolding of the steps needed to correct this.
  • The cutting free of all Lightbearers to the urgency of the situation and the prioritizing of our time and spiritual focuses.
  • The protection of this  planet, the Lightbearers, elemental life and others as God would allow from all harm from this disaster.
  • The immediate Divine and human intervention in this situation and that this problem be resolved forthwith.
  • The exposure of all sabotage and bringing those responsible for this to justice that has taken place in this disaster including, additional purposeful nuclear detonations, explosives and actions designed to create and amplify these disasters.
  • The exposure of additional disasters that are being covered up by the media and governments.
  • The creation and sustaining of the focus of the Divine healing merkaba to  centered on the complex sustaining the energies of God including a torus of violet flame, like the magnetic fields depicted around a magnet, like a doughnut laying on its side. The energy circulates upward in the center, over the top and down the outside and back to the center or any other healing thought forms and manifestations for the site and the oceans
  • the exposure and judgement of those who seek to coverup the danger of radiation poisoning in the food and water, such as governments and agencies by passing legislation or raising tolerance levels to dangerous levels thereby allowing cancers to develop in the people from contaminated food and water and escape blame by using long term cancer as a coverup to the truth of what is happening in the present moment.
  • We agree together for the intervention by the hosts of the Lord, Hierarchies of angels and the Elohim, the Seraphim and Cherubim of God, and the Ascended Masters into this situation
  • We agree together that the best in all areas that is needed for the cleanup and stabilization of the site come forth and be implemented.
  • We agree together for the protection of these sites from further damage including fire, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, sabotage, or any other event that will keep the solution from being implemented now.
  • We agree together for Saint Germain’s Maltese Cross and other Divine thought forms to be superimposed over this disaster.
  • We agree together for all dispensations to come forth from the Ascended Masters as needed and for new ones that will solve these problems.

Cut free the Lightbearers and others from mass consciousness fears and aggressive mental suggestion regarding these elements and to open them to the higher consciousness needed to bring this solution under control.  We agree together for the protection of the Light bearers from these energies at inner and outer levels . Cut us free from the energies affecting us at inner and outer levels and let us see the response from the hierarchs of heaven for the correction of this issue now. We agree together for the clearing of the astral plane of all not of the Christ keeping these issues from being resolved or which is hindering the cleanup efforts. We also agree together that anything the Ascended Masters need in the way of dispensations, grants of energy be made available without limit. We agree together for the absolute God solution to come forth for the cleanup and rendering impotent of all harmful radiation and secondary effects. We agree together for the protection of the oceans, Japan and the United States and all those places downwind of the nuclear releases., especially the West Cost of the United States. We demand immediate intervention into these situations. This which we ask for Fukushima we ask for the entire planet including Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and all other nuclear power plant sites worldwide.

We agree together for the absolute God protection of all Lightbearers on all planes of consciousness from the karma and energies not of the Christ of these disaster and those in the cleanup efforts from exposure accidents and anything else which could be a problem. We agree together for the infusing of the consciousness of all with the sense of God-Victory over these conditions.
We agree together for the protection of food and water supplies and where situations must happen that those that God wishes to protect will be protected. We agree together to be shown the power and effect of these calls and that we be guided in ways that we cannot ignore for the saving of our planet and the maximum help and assistance we may receive for the staying of these situations. We agree together for the violet transmuting flame to consume the causes and cores of these conditions and to correct all that is not of the light.
And we ask that no light be given unlawfully unauthorized to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the souls salvation unto the worship of her God. We also agree together for the absolute God protection from the back lash  and lash back from the forces of darkness by this call and the subsequent release of Light into these situations. We ask for the cloak of invincibility, invulnerability, and invisibility and protection to be upon us, our loved ones and those to whom we are karmically tied in as far as the forces of darkness are concerned. Let this call be adjusted according to God’s Holy Will. Never the less, not our wills but thine be done. AMEN.”


  • Keep an open mind to results. You may be surprised at the response you will get to the call. We may think something needs to happen, but allot of times the response and results we get are not the ways would would first imagine.
  • Be sure to give the closing as it is written. It contains spiritual disclaimers and a call for protection from the back lash of the call. These have been added as a result of many years of experience
  • This is a very powerful call. Do not take it lightly. The more you use it that better the results.
  • You do not have to be Christian to use this call. The Ascended Master Jesus gave us the call, but it for everyone’s use.
  • After the call is made, surrender the result to God. We have found that if you plagued by some difficult or sticky issue and you make an agreement call with a friend or friends, allot of times the issue becomes immediately less severe or at least those making the call feel a sense of completion.