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Arthur Thum is a lecturer of spiritual topics involving subjects such as the Science of the Spoken Word,  Management and Leadership of small and large groups using Spiritual techniques, and Spiritual Self-Improvement. He has been a student of these subjects for over 28 years. Coming from a strong technology background, he has discovered parallels between the world of computer technology and the spiritual laws in place in the Universe.

“Much like the laws that are in place in the understanding and application of binary languages in computer systems, the energy of the Universe operates under certain laws and applications. When we understand the laws that are in place, and there are laws and rules, and adhere to them, we can effectively place ourselves in the best position to be co-creators with God and fulfill our reasons for being”.

Arthur discovered through the Science of the Spoken Word that it is indeed possible to alter your circumstances and grow spiritually. He continues, “By applying the laws that are for our use, we can transcend limitations in our world. We do not have to be a doormat for limitation”.  During a conversation with a friend of his, they discovered that phrases in scriptural references are actually keys to be physically applied. By applying these directly through prayer, events were changed almost immediately! Coincidence? “No coincidence! I found that the more understanding I had of the process involved, the greater the results after making a call for Divine intervention!”. This understanding has expanded and Arthur has witnessed many situations where there has been a direct and instantaneous response from the Source of all Life, God. He has developed this website to share these insights. Arthur lectures on these topics and is available as a radio show guest, for private consultations and speaking engagements.

Arthur is the cohost of the radio show “The Trek Upward Radio Show”, a martial artist and also studies other topics such as the mystical paths of the worlds religions and astrology. He resides in the Midwest of the U.S. with his wife Joni.