Understanding how to use the Science of the Spoken Word to invoke Divine intervention requires an understanding of the laws involved, the rules and the playing field. We have not been successful in turning back darkness prophesied because we do not understand how this all works. We are and have been ignorant for the most part of what can be done to correct injustice and reverse the course of history. I am sure many of us have asked at one time or another, “How can a supposedly benevolent, loving, caring God allow major events like Tsunami’s, earthquakes, tornadoes, or death of loved ones to occur?” This can be quite difficult to understand. I assure you that even these events are governed by spiritual laws. We can understand these laws. We can also understand and know for certain our place in this world drama. I also assure you that one individual can do something that can affect millions of people on the planet in positive, dramatic ways. One person CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You are that one person if you choose to be so.

OK so how do you do it?  First lets consider this. Can one person make a difference? We know from studying History that one person can make a difference either on the side of good or the side of evil. We know some good guys: Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Saint Joan of Arc, George Washington, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa. We certainly know those who have not stood for good but rather for their own desires for power or other motives: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, to name a few. But do we know that most people can either take a stand for good or bad and not even be aware of which side they really are on? Again it’s knowing the rules and where we stand that will make the difference. So we have good guys, bad guys and partially good or bad guys.

Lets talk about the bad guys first. The original bad guys are the fallen angels referred to in the Christian Bible and the religious texts of all the major religions. Those angels believed they were better than anyone God would send or bless or anoint for a mission-even better than  Jesus the Christ for one or Gautama Buddha for another.

maraBuddha was tempted by Mara and the forces of darkness at Mara’s beck and call.  The fallen angels had high attainment. They were extremely spiritually advanced. They understood the rules but chose to ignore them but to use them for their own gain. They felt they were better than other evolutions of God and even more, so much so that they swore enmity to turn away the sons and daughters of God  in any religion. They strive to turn you and me away from the source of light, understanding, and love. They declared war ! The Bible in the Christian dispensation of God describes it best:

Archangel Michael“And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

So where did these guys go? They are here, NOW! They took embodiment in the earth. These are the bad guys misusing power by controlling the banks, the mass media, TV,  radio, healthcare, and all manner of life. They are those few in whose hands lie the most wealth, and they can control whole governments. They are in the banking houses, the houses of politics , the courts, and they have pretty much infiltrated anything that has to do with power, information and control. The fallen angel thinking, life styles and actions have infiltrated our classrooms, music, and anywhere where the cause of light can be served. That is why things are the way they are. Anything that is for the Light and for goodness gets attacked. Truth is denied, it’s a battle of purity.

Since these guys were cut off from their source of the Light of God after their expulsion to embodiment, they also realized they need the Light of God to exist, they have to get it from somewhere else. Where? From the guys that carry it, and that’s us. So they have come up with all manner of tricks, traps, schemes, and pitfalls to separate us from our source because they were and are angry. On top of this they make us believe it’s our fault and they lay their guilt trips on us. They start wars and expect us to fight them while they profit from it. I told you these guys had attainment. They are experts at deception, manipulation and cunning. This also gets us to the point where we accept their thinking as good ideas because the game is stacked by them against us. They know it and so we embrace their stuff thinking its our own and the next thing is we start shooting at each other and again they profit. So the prophecies go out and we get the warnings that all hell is going to break loose if we don’t stand, face, and conquer. Sound familiar?

Enter the good guys:

The Ascended Masters and the hierarchies of Light. These are the ones who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom, the schoolroom of testing, and have become one with the Universal Christ Consciousness. They are the Saints of the Catholics, the Tertons of the Buddhists, the Hindu deities. The entire momentum and force of Light and good in all religions and places is available to us by just asking. These elder brothers and sisters have vowed to help us overcome the challenges that we are facing, but we need to learn the rules of the game. The good guys are playing by the rules, the bad guys are not. We need the good guys, the hierarchy and Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters and the hierarchs of Light to intervene. Do they really exist? Oh yea, this is what I discovered. They most certainly do! So why don’t they just come down and stop the bad guys and save the children of the Light? Because they follow the rules of engagement set by God, but be aware that the bad guys don’t.

In our next Part we will discuss the rules of engagement, and why God doesn’t just intervene and save us, jump in and make it all good. You will be surprised at answers so stay tuned for Part 2.