The situation in North Korea is North Korean Pennisuladangerous. We have a rogue regime that is so poor that they will do anything to further their cause and make a name for themselves. Unfortunately the North Korean regime is also a puppet state. It always has been. It is almost guaranteed that this regime is being propped up and used by darker forces to get us into a war, even a nuclear war! There are moneyed interests and agendas for global power that are behind the Korean regime. Sun Tzu in the Art of war states what anyone in the military knows that if your enemy talks peace but prepares for war, expect war. China has been doing just that. They are feigning support for our capitalism because they profit from it but they are arming the islands in the South China sea and building bases. So its not only the North Korean Madness, its the Chinese madness, the globalist madness and the Russian madness – war madness wherever its found.

The only way we can insure our safety and guide the forces of light in the right direction is through the Science of The Spoken word – the scientific use of prayer! But not your basic silent prayer, something much stronger and more effective, spoken prayer and the science of sound!

It is critical that we band together and speak our prayers, fiats, our mantras and calls to the God source unceasingly and with large numbers to turn this around.

The following prayer is such a scientific application of the Spoken Word. Called the agreement call, this prayer is a spoken spiritual legal brief, an imploring using the laws of God through a dispensation of the Lord Jesus Christ to directly intervene in the problems we are facing.

Here is a link to this call. Give it with me and spread the word. ANY faith or belief system can give this. You speak it out loud and as you give it, you and I will be in agreement for the outcome of the will of God in these situations.

Agreement Call to Stop War and Protect the US

If you prefer mantras, which is another form of spoken prayer, give this devotion to the Feminine aspect of the Mercy of God, embodied as the Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin is the Eastern counterpart to the virgin Mary in the west. Her mantra invokes her presence as an antidote in time of war, even Nuclear War! Give this as many times as you can for her Divine intercession. Pronounsed as its written and given with devotion, see the mercy of God melt the madness surrounding these threats

NAH-MO EE ROO GWAN EEN – Kuan Yin of Oneness.

We need to do something and these calls and mantras work! I am living testimony to their results. We have nothing to lose!

If you are new to the Science of the Spoken Word, start with our 9 part series which explains the science here: Introductory Series on the Science of The Spoken Word