• We have poor leaders because of fraud and corruption.
  • Fraud and corruption exist because we fail to call for spiritual intervention.
  • You  can defeat fraud and corruption by exercising the Science of the Spoken Word to invoke direct spiritual intervention!

We need direct  spiritual intervention  to defeat fraud, corruption and all manner of intrigue and treachery and attempts to interfere with the will of God for our nation. These problems appear to be beyond the reach of one person, but I assure you prophecy and negative events can be turned by a single person. The forces of Light need to intervene to turn situations around but they require a call for action from us. That can be a prayer, a mantra, a fiat a heartfelt imploring to get the forces of light to respond, they respond to the spoken word.

While a heartfelt prayer can bring results in some cases, spoken prayer is MUCH MORE effective. Examples of this when the Ascended Master Jesus called forth Lazarus with a loud voice. It was a command in the full presence of his Christhood spoken aloud. This an example of a spiritual fiat, a command and please for intervention.

Here is a an example of a prayer using a spiritually scientific formula for the elections. You can give with me as written spoken aloud. This is a very powerful formaula and has been used with miraculous results. Please give it as written and you and I will be in agreement with the outcome and this call then gets adjudicated and applied by the forces of light. Always Victory!

Agreement Call for the US Election