Voting ElectionsAllot of times in the history of the world, the forces not supporting the Light will attempt to steal or manipulate the election process. We are seeing it right now in the 2016 US Presidential elections. America was founded on the principles of supposed free elections. Candidates who are not liked have been threatened, assassinated or intimidated to keep them from entering or completing elections and fulfilling the will of the people and God in the process. Voting processes can be usurped, districts can be redistricted to change the balance of power in local and national elections. There can be poll fraud, vote fraud, electoral fraud, vote buying, intimidation tactics, ballot box stuffing, misinformation, manipulation and destruction of ballots, tampering with Electronic voting machines through software manipulation and electronic manipulation, intercepting and flipping of the votes sent over the internet with man-in-the-middle attacks and the list goes on and on. We are seeing a little of it exposed right now in the US Presidential elections from the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails.

All attempts to manipulate the elections are inordinate desires for power and control. In this upcoming Presidential election, enough is riding on this election that we need to insure that this election is held fairly and accurately. We need Divine direction and Divine protection. (See the introductory session on prophecy How To Turn Back Prophecy for further information on how you can avert negative prophecy.) To insure that the will of the people is carried out as it needs to be, we need to invoke the protection from the God Head, the good guys, the Ascended Masters and  protect us from the forces trying to overturn all of the good that needs to come forth. America has a Divine plan that needs to be protected.

The following  is an example of the Science of the Spoken Word which will invoke the assistance of the Ascended Masters to insure protection of the election process. I invite you to click this link and  recite the words and be a part of the solution for change that we need to stay the hand of negative prophecy.

Click here for the Agreement call for Protection of the Elections.