In our posts we have talked about the bad guys who have taken all things good and have twisted them to their advantage. For an introduction see the following post Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 1 The Players

The fallen angels who have taken embodiment upon the planet have consistently tried to turn people away from God and the consciousness of hope, peace, and love. Many sacred symbols have been released to us by God and by the good guys in an effort to assist us to focus on a glyph of intention of good. Something that we can gaze upon and remind us of a sacred geometry and vibration. It is meant to clue us in to a Divine pattern, a frequency and vision. What continues to happen in the world though, is that these get hijacked by the dark forces in a bid to turn the children of light away from their Divine inheritance. Its the hatred of God that the forces of darkness keep implanting into us to keep us from locking into our mission and goal. People who do not know the true original meaning of these symbols than become instruments for the spreading of the lie or the antithesis of the true meaning.

Swastika-Lets take a look at a couple of these. The swastika, which since the rise of the Nazi’s  in Germany in the 1920’s has been equated with the death, mayhem and control of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. The Holocaust and all the evil of that regime has been equated with the symbol, the Hakenkreuz (Swastika in German). The Nazi’s took this symbol and twisted it as they did its meaning and all that it stood for.

SwastikaBuddhaThis symbol is actually an ancient symbol of Buddhism which predates the rise of the Nazi’s by  2,500 plus years! It  stood, and still stands in Buddhism,  for all things positive and auspicious. It represents  one who has attained Nirvana (heaven) by overcoming the world of rebirth. It represents a sign of infinity, affluence, abundance and long life. It is one of the initial signs of auspiciousness of the Buddha. Its origins actually even predate Buddhism as it was originally borrowed from the Hindus. The name Swastika is actually a Sanskrit name meaning, well being and good fortune.

BuddhistswastikaBut if you ask most Westerner’s or inhabitant of Europe what is the meaning of that symbol, you will more than likely hear the word Hitler or Nazi’s. This is how the dark forces do this. They make what is good bad, and what is bad good and acceptable. How is that for a twist of meaning?



PyramidLets try the next one. The image of the Dollar bill and the capstone of the Pyramid with an eye in it. What does this mean? Well unfortunately it is being associated with the Illuminati and eye meaning big brother is watching but this is the farthest thing from the truth! Many original Masonic symbols associated with the founding of America are being stolen, hijacked and twisted by those who do not have the full story of the Divine pattern.

The original Masonic symbols have a completely different esoteric meaning than what is being attributed to them by so called “experts”. This is the true meaning of the Pyramid and the capstone:

The pyramid represents the entire mystical godhead which has brought America to the point where its Divine mission was to be accomplished. America was originally sponsored by the Ascended Masters and the bottom part of the pyramid represents the sacrifices and foundation upon which all things of God are built. It is those who have gone before and continue to be the support and foundation of the Divine plan for America. It is the unseen Brotherhood of Light, or the Saints robed in white. It is the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in the establishment of the original dispensation for that experiment called America, it is us who strive to align with the principles of God. The capstone represents us and spiritual beings,  rising to the level where America is to be a bastion of heaven on earth. We are to  raise ourselves up to that Divine level  of those Saints in heaven and become the generations now that bring the God plan into physical manifestation. It is the meeting of heaven to earth, The eye in the top part or capstone is the All seeing eye of God. The bottom part is the mystical body of God on earth and in heaven. It is a symbol of hope and a mandate to accomplish the bringing America’s plan into manifestation. It is the meeting of heaven to earth and earth to heaven. It is the fulfillment of the Divine destiny and plan of America. It is what the Founding Fathers called Divine Providence. It is a battle for the soul of America. The dark forces are trying to eliminate God from the equation and erase the Divine intention from the planet.

The founding fathers were Quakers, and Protestants, Puritans and every manner of religious background of the day. The knew the deeper meanings which are becoming lost and twisted just like the Swastika did. Everything of God is under attack in America, school prayer, moral values, freedoms and liberties and even the right to life itself. The departure from these spiritual roots is causing negative karma, the Golden Rule in action even the Divine symbols released to us. This is what Prophecy is warning us about. It is this Divine legacy that we need to bring forth in the physical. It is our job to reach up, to call that capstone down the Mystical Body of God in Heaven or the Etheric realms to complete America’s Divine destiny. That is not the destiny of control or manipulation or subjugation to  an earthly power but of our Divine inheritance.

So if someone tells you these are Illuminati symbols and stand for a one world order and that the Freemason founding fathers were all evil, you can set them straight now. America’s true spiritual destiny hangs in the balance.