Flying EagleTurning back prophecy requires that we follow the laws of God which will gain us the greatest benefit and allow the Ascended Masters and the godhead to intervene on our behalf. The people who have held office and have been fully supported by the Ascended Masters have maintained a high standard of alignment with the laws of God. As we talked about in our introductory series on the turning around of Prophecy (Click here for this introductory series), the alignment we make to the laws of the Universe are what will allow the support of heaven in the endeavor. The closer we are to alignment with spiritual laws, the more support we can garner from the God source.

The same goes for our elected officials. The closer the elected officials are to alignment with the laws of God and man, the closer the alignment of that individual with God. There are certain ideas that have infiltrated the mainstream thinking that causes this full support from God to be withdrawn or not present at all.  Just because someone goes to a church every Sunday or prays frequently does not necessarily mean that they have automatic support from the godhead. There are spiritual lines that are just not cross-able or bendable.

Some would like you to believe that there beliefs are acceptable, but sponsorship from heaven and the forces of Light and good requires a dedication to the principles that have been set forth by God and a willingness to adhere to these principles and to individually change as necessary to accommodate Divine truth as its revealed to the candidate.

Mainstream thinking has not been spiritually accurate. If it was we would not be facing the situations that we are in our world. Prophecy is given because we as a whole have not stepped up and aligned ourselves with the principles that will assure victory over the conditions we are facing. The direct sponsorship of the Ascended Masters – the players of Good in the drama is riding on this alignment. (Please refer to the introductory series if you have questions or take exception to these guidelines – Click Here)

Warning: These are unpopular stances and as such few can or will rise to embrace these standards and that which will guarantee them a closer alignment to God. When closer aligned to God’s laws can intervene to reverse problems and to better position that person for a greater sponsorship. Its a free will choice to be the instrument for good or the instrument of compromise to the law. This decision will have impact on all of us.

  • Abortion – support of abortion is not acceptable. Abortion interrupts the Divine plan of a soul to take embodiment. It thwarts the plan of the soul to balance her karma with others, bring forth her gifts to fulfill her divine plan and makes negative karma for the parents especially the mother and those who perform and support the act. One and only one circumstance should ever be considered and that is when both the life of the Mother and Child hang in the balance by not terminating the pregnancy.  No other spiritual condition exists when abortion should be legal or condoned. Once conception occurs, it is a hands off proposition no matter what science or contemporary thinking wants to think. The practice and its widespread acceptance through ignorance has made this nation vulnerable to outside attack and take over, and the national karma that we have taken on may not be balance-able. God cannot by spiritual law protect us, unless we protect His creation of life and we defend the lives of the unborn.
  • No Support of legalized marijuana – Marijuana has effects unseen by medical science including the stripping of the protective auric sheath around individuals which allows psychic attack and the introduction of very dark negative forces into the subconscious of individuals partaking of it. It initiates and sustains a death spiral around the individual and has unseen, dramatic effects and saps individuals of the will of life stopping them from completing their Divine plans. The states who have passed the laws supporting legalization of marijuana have now stepped aside of the sponsorship of God that they might have had in not passing these laws. This means the entire state has now put themselves in danger through this ignorance of spiritual law.
  • Supporting the Constitution – The Constitution was set up for a reason. The founding fathers never considered some of the circumstances that would have us challenge fundamental rights or make those rights look bad in today’s world. The consciousness of the people has slid so far down that murder is even accepted as a right. This would have been unthinkable during the country’s founding years. There is a concerted effort by individuals and groups of people to tear down the Constitution because people do not understand the spiritual roots and original spiritual [sponsorship of the country.
    • The right to bear arms – should never be infringed. Anyone who wants to remove this right is fearful of those who carry the guns.
    • The right to free and open assembly – including school prayer groups and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public venues
    • The freedom of religion – including school prayer and anyone’s religion but not at the expense of moral backing and support from God.
    • True Freedom of the Press – not monopolies owned by the same corporate entities and free opportunity to express and share ideas without fear of censorship or reprisals.
    • Coinage and control of our money – the Federal Reserve is a private banking consortium and we trade paper debt instruments (bills) not backed by gold. Gold  which itself carries the light of God precipitated into the physical. It has been called precipitated sunlight because of the vibration it carries. Gold needs to be backing our currency to help stabilize it and to infuse the people with the light from its exchange.
  • Balance of the three branches of government – no executive abuse of power because of executive orders, not legislating from the bench and correct appropriate control of legislative powers without being usurped by special interests and rules manipulations in Congress. Whatever is needed to insure the appropriate balance of power and true population representation.
  • The protection of Taiwan – Taiwan is a bastion of people who serve the light of God and its defense is critical to maintaining the balance of power between light forces and those not serving the light in the Asian Pacific area. These people carrying the Ligh of God on that island have been the finger in the dike of rampant Chinese Communism.
  • Gay marriage – Homosexuality is a perversion of the sacred fire of God and marriage is reserved for a man and women to come together for procreation, which affords an opportunity for souls to take embodiment. Gay marriage is an end-run around the responsibilities of child bearing between a man and a woman. At the core of homosexuality is a core rebellion against god saying we do not want nor need to follow God’s laws. Those running for office are very afraid that they will not get the votes if they take a stand against these demands. The media and the message is controlled by the LGBT agenda, but the true strength will come from the support of God and these issues will be placed in their proper priority if the understanding and support of the spiritual laws is foremost. At the core of the LGBT  agenda is a rebellion against ones gender assigned to them in this life and an understanding of the laws requiring a soul to take a specific gender. The true spiritual understanding of reincarnation and karma will resolve the core issues of the psychology at play and totally clarifies the supposed gender identity conflict.
  • No Actions that take control away from the citizenry of the country – such as allowing private organizations to fight wars in the name of the government.
  • The reestablishment of citizens rights to due process and fair and equitable legal recourse
  • The protection of the borders – The rights of natural born citizens and those who come to the country legally must be protected. Opening the borders to anyone is an attempt to introduce a solution whereby the rights of Americans can be taken away in the name of safety.
  • The protection of the sovereignty of the United States – This means that we should not subjugate our spiritual mandate to any foreign power or group such as the United Nations or a World Court and as such treaties and commerce needs to be under the control of the Congress, not executive order of the office of President and special interest corporate or financial entities. It has led to the breakdown of our economy: job loss, loss of livelihoods and usurpation of American financial strength.
  • A dedicated focus to the Will of God – Not the will of special interest groups, lobbyists and those with a personal agenda. This means no compromise or lets let this issue slide so the candidate  gets the votes.

There are more but the key is a dedicated focus to what God wants for the nation not what the special interests want or what the popular stand is.

Napoleon originally had Divine sponsorship in a bid to create a United States of Europe. He initially had the spiritual backing and support but he chose instead to follow his own glory and desire for power. The spiritual sponsorship was withdrawn and Napoleon had his Waterloo.

The real lasting power comes from God, all else is temporary and temporal and taking a stand for God’s laws is what a real leader will need to do to make America great again.

Stay tuned for steps on how to request a greater sponsorship from the Ascended Masters.