Prophecy is given…So that Prophecy will Fail!

Of course we are referring to negative prophecies. Some say we are fast approaching the end times or the times of Revelations. One thing we seem to be seeing is a rapid decline of our civilization, Fires, nuclear threats and melt downs, tsunamis, severe weather – the 2013/2014 MidWest cold snap, Hurricane Sandy, wildfires, the “Kill Shot”, financial collapse, moral degradation, prophecies of Nostradamus, the visitations of the Virgin Mary and the third Fatima Secret so intense the Vatican has refused to release it – even at the direction of the Virgin Mary, police state and visitation by alien races, FEMA camps and on and on. How do we stop these portends from happening? CAN we stop them? Can we individually have an affect? Is there anything that we can do to bring resolution to situations that look like they are impossible to deal with?

WE ABSOLUTELY CAN! that is what this site is dedicated to.  When the ancient biblical prophets gave the warnings of God and that the events that could come upon the civilization of the day, they were warnings. If the people followed a certain direction, God would step in and correct the problem facing the people. The ancient Israelites and Christians were not the only ones to receive the warnings from the prophets. The Hindu scriptures talk of the coming trials and the (possible) subsequent golden age, every religion has its prophets and warnings. So here is the first Law we should get familiar with: Prophecy is given so that Prophecy will fail. We are warned by prophets/people/scientists/our uncle Frank – anyone, that something could be terribly wrong and if we do not heed the warnings, we are in for trouble.

Just HOW do we deal with this? What CAN we do? You will find many of the answers here along with links to resources about what to do.

Questions we are going to explore and answer:

  • How can God let these bad things happen to People? (There really are good reasons for this!)
  • I pray but I’m not getting answers! Why?
  • I do things but no one listens – I’m just a small spec in the Universe! (Wrong!) What could I possibly do?
  • Why are these things happening?
  • I feel powerless, what can I do, I’m only one person?
  • I hear so many bad things are going to happen, what do I do?
  • Why isn’t our government building shelters to help us if they think there will be a war?
  • How come we don’t hear the truth on the nightly news broadcasts? Certainly if something was going to happen, we would be told, right?
  • I don’t believe in God because He lets bad things happen to people. Is there really a God?
  • What can I as a solo person, as just one individual, do to stop these things?

Any of these sound familiar? You came to the right place for answers. We will be answering these and more questions to bring a whole new perspective to light. Please keep checking our posts as we begin to explore these topics.