Stopping the North Korean Madness!

The situation in North Korea is North Korean Pennisuladangerous. We have a rogue regime that is so poor that they will do anything to further their cause and make a name for themselves. Unfortunately the North Korean regime is also a puppet state. It always has been. It is almost guaranteed that this regime is being propped up and used by darker forces to get us into a war, even a nuclear war! There are moneyed interests and agendas for global power that are behind the Korean regime. Sun Tzu in the Art of war states what anyone in the military knows that if your enemy talks peace but prepares for war, expect war. China has been doing just that. They are feigning support for our capitalism because they profit from it but they are arming the islands in the South China sea and building bases. So its not only the North Korean Madness, its the Chinese madness, the globalist madness and the Russian madness – war madness wherever its found.

The only way we can insure our safety and guide the forces of light in the right direction is through the Science of The Spoken word – the scientific use of prayer! But not your basic silent prayer, something much stronger and more effective, spoken prayer and the science of sound!

It is critical that we band together and speak our prayers, fiats, our mantras and calls to the God source unceasingly and with large numbers to turn this around.

The following prayer is such a scientific application of the Spoken Word. Called the agreement call, this prayer is a spoken spiritual legal brief, an imploring using the laws of God through a dispensation of the Lord Jesus Christ to directly intervene in the problems we are facing.

Here is a link to this call. Give it with me and spread the word. ANY faith or belief system can give this. You speak it out loud and as you give it, you and I will be in agreement for the outcome of the will of God in these situations.

Agreement Call to Stop War and Protect the US

If you prefer mantras, which is another form of spoken prayer, give this devotion to the Feminine aspect of the Mercy of God, embodied as the Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin is the Eastern counterpart to the virgin Mary in the west. Her mantra invokes her presence as an antidote in time of war, even Nuclear War! Give this as many times as you can for her Divine intercession. Pronounsed as its written and given with devotion, see the mercy of God melt the madness surrounding these threats

NAH-MO EE ROO GWAN EEN – Kuan Yin of Oneness.

We need to do something and these calls and mantras work! I am living testimony to their results. We have nothing to lose!

If you are new to the Science of the Spoken Word, start with our 9 part series which explains the science here: Introductory Series on the Science of The Spoken Word


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Why We Have Poor Leadership!

  • We have poor leaders because of fraud and corruption.
  • Fraud and corruption exist because we fail to call for spiritual intervention.
  • You  can defeat fraud and corruption by exercising the Science of the Spoken Word to invoke direct spiritual intervention!

We need direct  spiritual intervention  to defeat fraud, corruption and all manner of intrigue and treachery and attempts to interfere with the will of God for our nation. These problems appear to be beyond the reach of one person, but I assure you prophecy and negative events can be turned by a single person. The forces of Light need to intervene to turn situations around but they require a call for action from us. That can be a prayer, a mantra, a fiat a heartfelt imploring to get the forces of light to respond, they respond to the spoken word.

While a heartfelt prayer can bring results in some cases, spoken prayer is MUCH MORE effective. Examples of this when the Ascended Master Jesus called forth Lazarus with a loud voice. It was a command in the full presence of his Christhood spoken aloud. This an example of a spiritual fiat, a command and please for intervention.

Here is a an example of a prayer using a spiritually scientific formula for the elections. You can give with me as written spoken aloud. This is a very powerful formaula and has been used with miraculous results. Please give it as written and you and I will be in agreement with the outcome and this call then gets adjudicated and applied by the forces of light. Always Victory!

Agreement Call for the US Election

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Invoking Divine Protection For The Election

Voting ElectionsAllot of times in the history of the world, the forces not supporting the Light will attempt to steal or manipulate the election process. We are seeing it right now in the 2016 US Presidential elections. America was founded on the principles of supposed free elections. Candidates who are not liked have been threatened, assassinated or intimidated to keep them from entering or completing elections and fulfilling the will of the people and God in the process. Voting processes can be usurped, districts can be redistricted to change the balance of power in local and national elections. There can be poll fraud, vote fraud, electoral fraud, vote buying, intimidation tactics, ballot box stuffing, misinformation, manipulation and destruction of ballots, tampering with Electronic voting machines through software manipulation and electronic manipulation, intercepting and flipping of the votes sent over the internet with man-in-the-middle attacks and the list goes on and on. We are seeing a little of it exposed right now in the US Presidential elections from the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails.

All attempts to manipulate the elections are inordinate desires for power and control. In this upcoming Presidential election, enough is riding on this election that we need to insure that this election is held fairly and accurately. We need Divine direction and Divine protection. (See the introductory session on prophecy How To Turn Back Prophecy for further information on how you can avert negative prophecy.) To insure that the will of the people is carried out as it needs to be, we need to invoke the protection from the God Head, the good guys, the Ascended Masters and  protect us from the forces trying to overturn all of the good that needs to come forth. America has a Divine plan that needs to be protected.

The following  is an example of the Science of the Spoken Word which will invoke the assistance of the Ascended Masters to insure protection of the election process. I invite you to click this link and  recite the words and be a part of the solution for change that we need to stay the hand of negative prophecy.

Click here for the Agreement call for Protection of the Elections.


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Hijacked Sacred Symbols – They Are Not What You Think

In our posts we have talked about the bad guys who have taken all things good and have twisted them to their advantage. For an introduction see the following post Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 1 The Players

The fallen angels who have taken embodiment upon the planet have consistently tried to turn people away from God and the consciousness of hope, peace, and love. Many sacred symbols have been released to us by God and by the good guys in an effort to assist us to focus on a glyph of intention of good. Something that we can gaze upon and remind us of a sacred geometry and vibration. It is meant to clue us in to a Divine pattern, a frequency and vision. What continues to happen in the world though, is that these get hijacked by the dark forces in a bid to turn the children of light away from their Divine inheritance. Its the hatred of God that the forces of darkness keep implanting into us to keep us from locking into our mission and goal. People who do not know the true original meaning of these symbols than become instruments for the spreading of the lie or the antithesis of the true meaning.

Swastika-Lets take a look at a couple of these. The swastika, which since the rise of the Nazi’s  in Germany in the 1920’s has been equated with the death, mayhem and control of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. The Holocaust and all the evil of that regime has been equated with the symbol, the Hakenkreuz (Swastika in German). The Nazi’s took this symbol and twisted it as they did its meaning and all that it stood for.

SwastikaBuddhaThis symbol is actually an ancient symbol of Buddhism which predates the rise of the Nazi’s by  2,500 plus years! It  stood, and still stands in Buddhism,  for all things positive and auspicious. It represents  one who has attained Nirvana (heaven) by overcoming the world of rebirth. It represents a sign of infinity, affluence, abundance and long life. It is one of the initial signs of auspiciousness of the Buddha. Its origins actually even predate Buddhism as it was originally borrowed from the Hindus. The name Swastika is actually a Sanskrit name meaning, well being and good fortune.

BuddhistswastikaBut if you ask most Westerner’s or inhabitant of Europe what is the meaning of that symbol, you will more than likely hear the word Hitler or Nazi’s. This is how the dark forces do this. They make what is good bad, and what is bad good and acceptable. How is that for a twist of meaning?



PyramidLets try the next one. The image of the Dollar bill and the capstone of the Pyramid with an eye in it. What does this mean? Well unfortunately it is being associated with the Illuminati and eye meaning big brother is watching but this is the farthest thing from the truth! Many original Masonic symbols associated with the founding of America are being stolen, hijacked and twisted by those who do not have the full story of the Divine pattern.

The original Masonic symbols have a completely different esoteric meaning than what is being attributed to them by so called “experts”. This is the true meaning of the Pyramid and the capstone:

The pyramid represents the entire mystical godhead which has brought America to the point where its Divine mission was to be accomplished. America was originally sponsored by the Ascended Masters and the bottom part of the pyramid represents the sacrifices and foundation upon which all things of God are built. It is those who have gone before and continue to be the support and foundation of the Divine plan for America. It is the unseen Brotherhood of Light, or the Saints robed in white. It is the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in the establishment of the original dispensation for that experiment called America, it is us who strive to align with the principles of God. The capstone represents us and spiritual beings,  rising to the level where America is to be a bastion of heaven on earth. We are to  raise ourselves up to that Divine level  of those Saints in heaven and become the generations now that bring the God plan into physical manifestation. It is the meeting of heaven to earth, The eye in the top part or capstone is the All seeing eye of God. The bottom part is the mystical body of God on earth and in heaven. It is a symbol of hope and a mandate to accomplish the bringing America’s plan into manifestation. It is the meeting of heaven to earth and earth to heaven. It is the fulfillment of the Divine destiny and plan of America. It is what the Founding Fathers called Divine Providence. It is a battle for the soul of America. The dark forces are trying to eliminate God from the equation and erase the Divine intention from the planet.

The founding fathers were Quakers, and Protestants, Puritans and every manner of religious background of the day. The knew the deeper meanings which are becoming lost and twisted just like the Swastika did. Everything of God is under attack in America, school prayer, moral values, freedoms and liberties and even the right to life itself. The departure from these spiritual roots is causing negative karma, the Golden Rule in action even the Divine symbols released to us. This is what Prophecy is warning us about. It is this Divine legacy that we need to bring forth in the physical. It is our job to reach up, to call that capstone down the Mystical Body of God in Heaven or the Etheric realms to complete America’s Divine destiny. That is not the destiny of control or manipulation or subjugation to  an earthly power but of our Divine inheritance.

So if someone tells you these are Illuminati symbols and stand for a one world order and that the Freemason founding fathers were all evil, you can set them straight now. America’s true spiritual destiny hangs in the balance.

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A Candidate That God Would Support

Flying EagleTurning back prophecy requires that we follow the laws of God which will gain us the greatest benefit and allow the Ascended Masters and the godhead to intervene on our behalf. The people who have held office and have been fully supported by the Ascended Masters have maintained a high standard of alignment with the laws of God. As we talked about in our introductory series on the turning around of Prophecy (Click here for this introductory series), the alignment we make to the laws of the Universe are what will allow the support of heaven in the endeavor. The closer we are to alignment with spiritual laws, the more support we can garner from the God source.

The same goes for our elected officials. The closer the elected officials are to alignment with the laws of God and man, the closer the alignment of that individual with God. There are certain ideas that have infiltrated the mainstream thinking that causes this full support from God to be withdrawn or not present at all.  Just because someone goes to a church every Sunday or prays frequently does not necessarily mean that they have automatic support from the godhead. There are spiritual lines that are just not cross-able or bendable.

Some would like you to believe that there beliefs are acceptable, but sponsorship from heaven and the forces of Light and good requires a dedication to the principles that have been set forth by God and a willingness to adhere to these principles and to individually change as necessary to accommodate Divine truth as its revealed to the candidate.

Mainstream thinking has not been spiritually accurate. If it was we would not be facing the situations that we are in our world. Prophecy is given because we as a whole have not stepped up and aligned ourselves with the principles that will assure victory over the conditions we are facing. The direct sponsorship of the Ascended Masters – the players of Good in the drama is riding on this alignment. (Please refer to the introductory series if you have questions or take exception to these guidelines – Click Here)

Warning: These are unpopular stances and as such few can or will rise to embrace these standards and that which will guarantee them a closer alignment to God. When closer aligned to God’s laws can intervene to reverse problems and to better position that person for a greater sponsorship. Its a free will choice to be the instrument for good or the instrument of compromise to the law. This decision will have impact on all of us.

  • Abortion – support of abortion is not acceptable. Abortion interrupts the Divine plan of a soul to take embodiment. It thwarts the plan of the soul to balance her karma with others, bring forth her gifts to fulfill her divine plan and makes negative karma for the parents especially the mother and those who perform and support the act. One and only one circumstance should ever be considered and that is when both the life of the Mother and Child hang in the balance by not terminating the pregnancy.  No other spiritual condition exists when abortion should be legal or condoned. Once conception occurs, it is a hands off proposition no matter what science or contemporary thinking wants to think. The practice and its widespread acceptance through ignorance has made this nation vulnerable to outside attack and take over, and the national karma that we have taken on may not be balance-able. God cannot by spiritual law protect us, unless we protect His creation of life and we defend the lives of the unborn.
  • No Support of legalized marijuana – Marijuana has effects unseen by medical science including the stripping of the protective auric sheath around individuals which allows psychic attack and the introduction of very dark negative forces into the subconscious of individuals partaking of it. It initiates and sustains a death spiral around the individual and has unseen, dramatic effects and saps individuals of the will of life stopping them from completing their Divine plans. The states who have passed the laws supporting legalization of marijuana have now stepped aside of the sponsorship of God that they might have had in not passing these laws. This means the entire state has now put themselves in danger through this ignorance of spiritual law.
  • Supporting the Constitution – The Constitution was set up for a reason. The founding fathers never considered some of the circumstances that would have us challenge fundamental rights or make those rights look bad in today’s world. The consciousness of the people has slid so far down that murder is even accepted as a right. This would have been unthinkable during the country’s founding years. There is a concerted effort by individuals and groups of people to tear down the Constitution because people do not understand the spiritual roots and original spiritual [sponsorship of the country.
    • The right to bear arms – should never be infringed. Anyone who wants to remove this right is fearful of those who carry the guns.
    • The right to free and open assembly – including school prayer groups and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public venues
    • The freedom of religion – including school prayer and anyone’s religion but not at the expense of moral backing and support from God.
    • True Freedom of the Press – not monopolies owned by the same corporate entities and free opportunity to express and share ideas without fear of censorship or reprisals.
    • Coinage and control of our money – the Federal Reserve is a private banking consortium and we trade paper debt instruments (bills) not backed by gold. Gold  which itself carries the light of God precipitated into the physical. It has been called precipitated sunlight because of the vibration it carries. Gold needs to be backing our currency to help stabilize it and to infuse the people with the light from its exchange.
  • Balance of the three branches of government – no executive abuse of power because of executive orders, not legislating from the bench and correct appropriate control of legislative powers without being usurped by special interests and rules manipulations in Congress. Whatever is needed to insure the appropriate balance of power and true population representation.
  • The protection of Taiwan – Taiwan is a bastion of people who serve the light of God and its defense is critical to maintaining the balance of power between light forces and those not serving the light in the Asian Pacific area. These people carrying the Ligh of God on that island have been the finger in the dike of rampant Chinese Communism.
  • Gay marriage – Homosexuality is a perversion of the sacred fire of God and marriage is reserved for a man and women to come together for procreation, which affords an opportunity for souls to take embodiment. Gay marriage is an end-run around the responsibilities of child bearing between a man and a woman. At the core of homosexuality is a core rebellion against god saying we do not want nor need to follow God’s laws. Those running for office are very afraid that they will not get the votes if they take a stand against these demands. The media and the message is controlled by the LGBT agenda, but the true strength will come from the support of God and these issues will be placed in their proper priority if the understanding and support of the spiritual laws is foremost. At the core of the LGBT  agenda is a rebellion against ones gender assigned to them in this life and an understanding of the laws requiring a soul to take a specific gender. The true spiritual understanding of reincarnation and karma will resolve the core issues of the psychology at play and totally clarifies the supposed gender identity conflict.
  • No Actions that take control away from the citizenry of the country – such as allowing private organizations to fight wars in the name of the government.
  • The reestablishment of citizens rights to due process and fair and equitable legal recourse
  • The protection of the borders – The rights of natural born citizens and those who come to the country legally must be protected. Opening the borders to anyone is an attempt to introduce a solution whereby the rights of Americans can be taken away in the name of safety.
  • The protection of the sovereignty of the United States – This means that we should not subjugate our spiritual mandate to any foreign power or group such as the United Nations or a World Court and as such treaties and commerce needs to be under the control of the Congress, not executive order of the office of President and special interest corporate or financial entities. It has led to the breakdown of our economy: job loss, loss of livelihoods and usurpation of American financial strength.
  • A dedicated focus to the Will of God – Not the will of special interest groups, lobbyists and those with a personal agenda. This means no compromise or lets let this issue slide so the candidate  gets the votes.

There are more but the key is a dedicated focus to what God wants for the nation not what the special interests want or what the popular stand is.

Napoleon originally had Divine sponsorship in a bid to create a United States of Europe. He initially had the spiritual backing and support but he chose instead to follow his own glory and desire for power. The spiritual sponsorship was withdrawn and Napoleon had his Waterloo.

The real lasting power comes from God, all else is temporary and temporal and taking a stand for God’s laws is what a real leader will need to do to make America great again.

Stay tuned for steps on how to request a greater sponsorship from the Ascended Masters.

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How to Get God’s Support -Patton Knew!

PattonAs we have discussed, the true support needed for the defeat of the forces of darkness and the turning around of negative prophecy comes from those who wield a higher power than the forces of darkness. That higher power comes from the Godhead and those who have graduated from earth’s school room, the Ascended Masters. We have talked about the Ascended Masters who are the good guys in the battle of light and dark.

They are the ones who through the correct application of the power wisdom and love of God, can defeat the forces arrayed against us on the planet. (See the prior blog post Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 1 The Players ) We know we need to make the call to them for that help if the victory is to be made permanent and be sustained.

General George S. Patton Jr. understood this all too well. During World War II the Nazis were on the ropes but had a serious punch left and surprised attacked the allies in the Ardennes forest. This attack along with very bad weather had the very real potential of allowing the German forces to win the war and sue the Allies for peace. The freedom of Western Europe was hanging in the balance.

Patton through intelligence reports sensed a potential attack by the Germans under the cover of the miserable weather and started to prepare plans to pull out of his existing campaigns to direct elements of his third army troops in the direction of a possible attack. He was also concerned that the weather would be the deciding factor in securing the Allied victory because he knew how vulnerable the allies were to defeat without air cover. The weather was not cooperating and was not supposed to be favorable for any air operations at all for the foreseeable future. He called up one of his chaplains Msgr. James H. O’Neil and instructed him to write a prayer for him and the troops and spoke to him about making sure that prayer and praying was foremost on the minds of the men. He instructed his Chaplain to pass along his thoughts about prayer to his men and the 486 Chaplains serving in the US Third Army. They distributed a prayer and training instructions to the chaplain’s and 250,000 copies of the prayer to the troops.

Patton’s intuition and promptings were spot on. The Germans attacked two days after the prayers had been distributed and under the cover of the bad weather,  at a position that was not well defended, they made significant advancement to reclaiming Belgium and portions of France. It was coined by the press as “The Battle of the Bulge”.  Patton was in the closest position to intervene however, he too needed a miracle to turn this situation around and free a surrounded town named Bastogne where the 101st US Airborne was just barely holding on to it. The Germans were demanding surrender of the 101st Airborne.

Patton turned his troops ninety degrees and battled towards Bastogne to relive them. Bastogne was the strategic key that the Germans needed to control to cut the Allied forces in half. In a move that will probably never be duplicated in warfare and unheard of in military history, Patton’s troops battled several hundred miles with no hot food, sleep or reinforcement to get to Bastogne.  The Germans had turned the tide and Patton had forseen this realized that only a miracle could turn the war and bring the victory.

To the surprise of the forecasters that did not expect clearing weather, the skies did clear four days after the German’s attacked. The allied aircraft were then able to fly in over the next week and destroy tanks and the German forces surrounding Bastogne and keep the Germans from reinforcing their troops. Patton had asked for clear weather, and got it long enough to secure the victory.

Even the best US military field commander of World War II who was feared by the Germans knew only victory was possible through prayer. Can we do no less? We need to claim our own personal victories to turn back prophecy.

Here is General Patton’s Prayer from the official Website of General George S. Patton Jr.  Pattons Prayer Card

Check out the section on the Agreement calls and give these with me for our victory too!

Msgr O’Neil’s story can be found here. The True Story of Patton’s Prayer


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Why Mass Visualization Exercises Can Backfire

A group meditation

A group meditation

This is a topic that is important for allot of people.  Sometimes folks, sensing a problem and wanting to do something about it will gather together to send loving energy and thoughts and prayers into a particular situation. They all agree to get together remotely or in groups and visualize white light, good thoughts and loving energy into a situation. This sounds good but unfortunately it can have unforeseen consequences. Take for instance the droughts in California and the West. Several years ago, a group visualization was initiated by the host of a national nighttime radio broadcast. With loving intent the audience was encouraged to send loving prayers and thoughts into the situation to alleviate the drought conditions and fires that were rampant in the West. After several days, the results were phenomenal, actually too much so. The response from the universe was to bring rains. And it rained and it rained and it rained. Mud slides, street and stream flooding and  the ensuing destruction of homes took place.  Certainly unexpected consequences for sure.

Would it have been possible to perform a mass visualization and prayer exercise without the unintended consequences? YES it could. Now here is where understanding the Cosmic laws at place will turn this around. What happened was the energy had not been consecrated to the will of God. The God head or universe or however you perceive it works under a set of laws and rules. The main one at play here is the law of cause and effect. A huge audience, allot of spiritual energy generated has to go somewhere. If it isn’t directed correctly with a global intent in alignment with the law, it will manifest in unexpected directions and situations and it can cause problems.

Mickey-Mouse-in-The-Sorcerers-ApprenticeFor anyone who has seen the Disney movie Fantasia, Mickey Mouse plays out the sorcerers apprentice and unfortunately, the consequences can be similar. buckets of water and mops everywhere! Mickey as the Sorcerer’s apprentice  So as Mickey learned, his experiment with energy went all awry until the Master showed up to correct the flood. The moral of the story – Give the energy back to the Ascended Masters*, and to God, because They know how to direct it correctly. We can learn as Mickey did and with a deeper understanding of the cosmic laws at play, we can truly become the co-creators with God is is intended.

So how can energy be directed correctly? One very effective tool is the Agreement Call to set the proper intent for all of the spiritual energy and CONSECRATE, or Divinely dedicate, the exercise to the fulfillment of Gods will in a specific situation. Now what happens is all of the energy is taken up and since it has been given back to God with the correct intent using correct authority it is given to the angelic realms to work out the situations. It is  qualified and given back into directed action that will have the correct intent that is in alignment with the law. Also  we will not make any negative karma unknowingly by misdirecting the energy incorrectly. So here is an example that could have been used in the situation of the national broadcast. Prior to the exercise being given, someone would make an appropriate declaration using the authority of God :

In the name of God I Am That I Am, in the name of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ and the Ascended Masters*  of all faiths and religions, we agree together in your name that this exercise by this group will be consecrated to the Will of God to be used for whatever means. Our intent is to supply this energy for the alleviation of the drought conditions in the West. Take it use it and let the intent and action be purified for the filling of our reservoirs and streams and eliminating the fire threats and returning balance to  the West Coast. Let all who participate in this exercise now and in the future via the replays, have their energies directed and purified of unknowing mal-intent according to your will and result in the out picturing of your perfect Will and your will only” Amen

(* Note – The term Ascended Master refers to those who have graduated from the schoolroom of earth and are now one with the I AM Presence of God in the realms referred to as heaven. This was demonstrated through the ritual of the ascension. If you would like further information please see the Introductory series – click here )

Since we are not totally purified in our consciousness the energy needs to be cleansed and purified of intent that is not in alignment with the will of God and universal law otherwise unexpected results may arise and resulting negative karma can ensue.

I have had the opportunity to see exercises conducted in this manner with astounding results. Family and personal situations changed, fires reversed, all incredible happenings when the energy is directed correctly. On the website, there are some pre-written agreement calls that I encourage you to give with me for the turning around of situations according to God’s will. They contain cosmic disclaimers to insure that the energy and intent is not misdirected and I will agree with you in the call, as long as the prayers are read as I have written them. I also encourage you to make up your own and you can use the template on the website here for whatever is your heart’s direction. Just be sure to add the phrase, “Never the less not my will but thine be done”. These are to be read aloud as written for the best effect. These are like signing petitions for the delivery of God’s will into situations.

So would this have fixed the mudslides? We cannot be absolutely sure, however since we do not know the plan of the universe in any given situation, but it does let us off the hook karmically. Sometimes God’s Will is for someone to experience loss. But why take the chance? We cannot be 100% certain that we know what needs to be done in any given situation.  I have also seen dramatic outcomes where  perceived “losses” worked out in the best interests of all when the energy was correctly consecrated to the will of God. The consecration “tags” the energy and earmarks if for divine  cleanup and perfect application of a higher law of God.  When it comes down to it, that’s what we really want to see happen, help from above!


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Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 9 The Agreement Call

In the first eight parts we discussed everything that will help you make the most out of the following call. This call invokes the absolute intervention of the God guys. This call will bang on the doors of the forces of Light and YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ANSWER. It is guaranteed that if it is done correctly, you will receive an answer.

The Good guys, the Ascended Masters, have stated that they will lend their spiritual support to us as long as we follow the rules.  Every spiritual text has keys that if we see them for what they are, you can use these keys to gain the intervention that the Ascended Master desire for us regardless of your religion since they have given to us those keys.   Just like any good tool, its all in the knowing how to use it.

Making the Call!

Reaching for the Light with our Call!

The Ascended Master Jesus the Christ gave us one such key that we call the agreement call. It is a special form of the call with specific wording.  Taken from the Christian Bible, the New testament Mathew 18. It states, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.” This is a promise. Using the example of the format of the call we discussed in Part 8 – The Call  it is similar but must be given by at least two people.One person can give the call, but two or more need to participate in it and affirm the sealing with the So be it or more traditionally Amen. There is a spiritual science behind this format that we will discuss in detail on the website. This call is a contract and a spiritual spoken document and agreement.

The Preamble – We address the call and state our authority

“In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ self, and the I AM Presence and Holy Christ self of <fill in here the name of your partner or partners>, we agree together in the name of Jesus Christ that the Will of God be made manifest for:”

The Body – Here list specific outcomes you desire. Be as specific as possible. Nothing should be left to the imagination. Do not assume God automatically will fill in the blanks. Remember the example of the Umpire. We need to call it to their attention so that God knows that we recognize the issue and want assistance. The following are some examples:

  • “the healing of the following conditions with their causes and cores affecting the health of  <family member name> which is manifesting as <name the conditions>”
  • “the exposure, judgment and bringing to justice those responsible for the following situations  <name the situations in our government, our schools, our communities requiring Divine intervention of God and His hierarchies of Light>”
  • “the stopping of the senseless loss of life and problems affecting those serving the Light including <name the conditions>”
  • “the turning around of all misuse of power in our government especially concerning <name the conditions requiring Divine intervention>”
  • “the turning around of drugs, misuses of music and the arts negatively affecting our children and youth especially <name the conditions and specific examples>”

The Closing and Sealing – Here we need to put the cosmic disclaimers in our call. Remember we don’t always know all of the details in a situation so we do not want to make negative karma asking for something that is not exactly in alignment to spiritual law for the situation. You can use the following closing to do this and protect yourselves and your loved ones. There are specific wordings used to help with protection and I urge you to use it as written:

“And we ask that no light be given unlawfully unauthorized to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the souls salvation unto the worship of her God. We also agree together for the absolute God protection from the back lash from the forces of darkness by this call and the subsequent release of Light into these situations. We ask for the cloak of invincibility, invulnerability, and invisibility and protection to be upon us, our loved ones and those to whom we are karmically tied in as far as the forces of darkness are concerned. Let this call be adjusted according to God’s Holy Will. Never the less, not our wills but thine be done. AMEN”.

Your Message to God is Like a bottle in the Ocean

Your Message to God is Like a bottle in the Ocean

I have seen and witnessed to many  miracles with the use of this call. I have seen instantaneous manifestations. Anytime you ask for Gods Will, you cannot go amiss. Whatever the situation and how you may feel about it, you will not err by asking for God’s will in the resolution of any situation.It is like throwing a bottle into the ocean and waiting on the return current for the results. Watch what happens after giving this call. Keep a journal and write your experiences in it. You will be amazed.

The only problem with this call is not enough of us are giving it and this is where my appeal is. To turn back negative prophecy and gain direct intervention this call along with other techniques we will share, need to be exercised – allot. Look at the web site where I have given calls that you can give with me. Each one I will have already made and so you and I can agree together as participants for these actions. Just be sure to read the prayer as written and at least two of us will have made the call and satisfied the law that will allow God to intervene.

This concludes our introduction to Turning Back Prophecy.  Check out the website posts and pages for additional information and topics that need to be addressed. It is with this understanding that we will build upon. I invite everyone regardless of faith or doctrine or even lack thereof to check out the website. Even though this appears to be strictly a Christian based call, there are actually Eastern concepts included in the wording The Ascended Master Jesus Christ gave us the very important and critical key to our victories.

Always Victory!

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Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 8 The Call

canstockphoto6113522The Call

An effective call is like a spoken contract. We need several components of the call to make it most effective. I have outlined these below. There is a specific structure that follows a similar pattern to a letter. It consists of a Preamble, the Body and a Closing.

In the Preamble – We state our authority to act and address the Ascended Masters and members of the hierarchy of  Light  that we wish to involve in the call. This is like the envelope and greeting of a letter. It is done with the full knowledge of where we stand in hierarchy and our authority to ask as sons and daughters of God.

In the Body we identify the type of intercession that we would like to have. Be as specific as possible. NO THING is too small to be addressed. The Ascended Masters have counseled us to “Accept no limitation!”.  If you do not know what to ask for, just go with your heart. We also do not wish to ask amiss, meaning we want to make sure what we ask for is according to the Will of the Creator and not our human desires. This is important and we will put this in our closing so we do not make negative karma asking for something that would not be the will of the Creator.

The Closing gives us the opportunity to seal our request and to ask for adjustment according to the will. There are specific statements we should use in order to insure that what we are asking is in alignment.

Here is an example prayer asking for healing for loved ones in our immediate family. I am going to use the Archangels Michael, Raphael and Mother Mary as the Ascended Masters I choose to assist.


In the name of the my I AM Presence and my Holy Christ self, I call to the Archangel of healing Raphael and Mother Mary, to the Archangel Micheal  for:


the healing of my immediate family members of the following conditions: (Here name specific conditions affecting your family)  I ask for the healing of these conditions by the love wisdom and power of God and ask for Divine intervention as much as the law will allow. I also call for the transmutation by the power of the Violet Flame, the power of the Holy Spirit to cleanse the records behind these conditions and to bring total healing and perfection to these conditions. I call for protection by the power of Archangel Michael for all family members and all involved in this alchemy of healing.


I also ask that no Light be given unlawfully, unauthorized to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the souls salvation unto the worship of her God. Let this call be executed according to the Will of God and only that will, not my will but thine be done. AMEN

In this call in the preamble, I am calling to the I AM Presence and Holy Christ self which is my authority to intervene. In the body, I am calling for healing and protection of the family members. In the closing is our disclaimer and sealing. Now this phase in italics is a requirement.”I also ask that no Light be given unlawfully, unauthorized to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the souls salvation unto the worship of her God“. It is a specific worded phrase that will insure that our request does not go where it should not. It is because we do not know the circumstances or the karma behind these conditions .  This protects us the person making the prayer from making a mistake in directing the Light of God where it is not supposed to go.  Since we cannot always be sure, it is best to use it every time and you wont be making a mistake. So you can ask for anything,  like the guidance direction, overshadowing of doctors, nurses, care takers and be specific. The conditions do not have to be physical, we can call for any healing psychological, emotional or mental issues. We also can ask for the transmutation of the akashic records behind the conditions from this and past lives. This is where the understanding of reincarnation and karma are key, so we understand the someone’s condition may be related to past lives.

That is an example of one call. We will be posting more examples of calls and the Ascended Masters to call to for the turning back of Prophecy. We invite you to give them with us OUT LOUD! Remember spoken prayer is much more effective than silent prayer. Now you know the basic components of a “Call” and can begin to formulate your own. The best source on  calls by far is the The Science Of The Spoken Word In this work all of what we have discussed here will be given in much more detail and I have found is the best source for information on effective prayer that is in one place.

There is a spiritual electricity generated from the science of the Word. The key is making it as effective as possible to have the greatest impact and to  bring forth the greatest help possible.

The more we adhere to the rules, the more effective the request will be and the more exact and timely the response. The more we align ourselves to the divine process and to the forces of Light, the more effective the request will be. In our last Post of the introductory series, we will be discussing one very special and extremely powerful call. Stay tuned for Part 9 The Agreement Call.

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Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 7 The I AM Presence

In this Introduction Post, we will talk about the I AM Presence

We actually are co-creators with God and we act as an electrode for the focus of the Light that needs to be released to correct a situation or clear a prophecy. But we are not all pure, we have moods, bad hair days, things don’t always go right for us. How can we do anything for good if we are not perfect? That’s a lie the forces of darkness have used for centuries telling us through peers, our society, through images on TV, in magazines, on radio, and anywhere else they can find. Its meant to drum into us the lie that we are unworthy to be a son or daughter of God, that we are not worthy to be part of the solution. Those are all lies!  We must not accept those. We have a direct connection with our threefold flame, but there are other components of ourselves that allow us to act on behalf of the Light. We have a direct connection to the Godhead through our individualized manifestation of God called the I AM Presence. One key to our identification was given in the Jewish Torah and the Christian old testament where the name of God was revealed to Moses at the burning bush. In response to Moses question as to the name of God, “.. And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”  Using this key of the name of God I AM That I AM from  Judaism and Christianity, we can put together  a request from the authority of our spiritual selves.


Chart of the Divine Presence

Chart of the Divine Presence

Our I Am Presence is our Father -Mother God. This is the I AM THAT I AM that God individualized for every son and daughter of God. It is surrounded by seven concentric Spheres of rainbow light and this makes up our Causal body. Its all of the energy of the good and positive deeds, words and momentum we have done and identifies who we are as a son and daughter of God. If you look at the core mysticism of any religion you will see the same concepts of the individualized God figure. In Buddhism it is referred to the Darmakaya, in Hinduism it is the Ultimate Reality of Brahman. In the Chart to the Left, it is the top figure.

Since at the level of the I AM Presence perfection can only exist and we in the matter plane in our bodies are prone to error, their is another component of the God-Head which is a step down transformer which takes the pure energies of God and allows us to embody what we are able to without too much discomfort. In the Christian mystical traditions, this step down transformer is actually called the Holy Christ Self or anointed one or the guardian angel who is your dearest friend and the voice of your conscience. In Buddhism that same consciousness is described as the Sambhogakaya or the Inner Buddha, In Hinduism its the inner guru or Krishna conscience.

Tree of Life

The Jewish traditional teaching of Kabbalah  also identifies a central emanation of God in the tree of life named  Tiferet as a point of the coming together of beauty and compassion as the energy of the creator makes its way to us. A great book on Kabbalah that helps in the understanding of the Jewish Mystical traditions and its relationship to Christian teachings  is Kabbalah: Key To Your Inner Power (Mystical Paths of the World’s Religions

Each religion has its nomenclature, but the concepts are amazingly the same. This is a major key. At the core of the worlds major religions, the concepts are the same. By addressing these aspects of the Godhead in a call we have access to the consciousness of God, the Ascended Masters our Higher authority and we are now in the position to make a call and know that it will be answered.

Making an effective call is like addressing an envelope to the right people and writing a specific letter along with a closing and wrap up. Just like any well written letter we need to know who and how to address the letter, decide what needs to be included and the outcome requested and concisely direct an intention. Adding to this is visualization of the desired outcome and surrendering all of it to the will of God. All are key components of an effective call for help..

A silent prayer is good, but no where as nearly as as effective as the Science of the Spoken Word. Words affect the physical matter plane and where we are. If this subject interests you, look at the work of Dr. Emoto who studied the effects of sound and prayer on water which was then frozen and photographed.  Depending on what sounds, phrases or prayer was directed at the water, the crystals took on different shapes. In the case of sounds such as rock and roll or heavy metal music, distorted crystals or no crystals form at all.  Here is a link to his website. Very interesting research.

Next we make the call! Part 8 – The Structure of the Call

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