Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 4 Where We Come In

In the first several parts we laid some groundwork about what prophecy is and who the players are and what some of the rules are. So the questions comes up now, where do we fit in?
Prophecy is given to us as a warning, as a future news report of potential events. Notice I use the word potential. Much of what we are being given in the way of warnings can and SHOULD be turned back so they do not need to happen. That is why it is being shown to us in the first place. Edgar Cayce, The Virgin Mary, Nostradamus all have warned us. Psychics, Remote viewers like Ed Dames and the “Kill Shot”, those who are in the know see the patterns and attempt to get the word out. Warn us, prepare, get ready, the end is near! BUT WHAT DO WE DO? How can only ONE of us make a difference?

Here the fallen angels have gotten involved. You see they know these events are coming but they do not want to see us succeed in turning  back this stuff. They know their time is limited and they would rather see us go down with them and the planet too. The prophetic warnings we are getting are because of the millions of years of perverse actions, wars, murders, crusades for misplaced spiritual reasons which kills millions, control of populations, misuses of money and industry, black magic and perversions of the Light of creation, nuclear biological and chemical misuses, misuses in the environment, and on and on. These cycles predate the Christian bible and the book of Revelations in the Christian bible made it through to warn us that this energy is due,  it is up to be corrected and dealt with.  Golden ages have been prophesied as well with new light and hope, BUT this stuff needs to be dealt with before we can get there.  The fallen angels want to prove how much better they are than the forces of Light and as a result have sworn to destroy anything of value spiritually. If it comes from God they want to take it down. They are mad their place in hierarchy was cleared for those they feel do not deserve it, after all they consider themselves to be the smart ones remember? They fancy themselves as above the law, understand it better than anyone so any attempt we could ever make is feeble in their mistrustful eyes. We are imperfect, no where near the level of mastery they are and to them we are cattle. Remember how we learned they are master manipulators. They have infiltrated almost every area and not many people get access to the truth and what to do about it. So we have been led to believe through infiltration of thought and doctrine that we are not smart enough, do not have the authority, cannot rise in spiritual stature, will always be subservient to them, we don’t have the power or the presence to do anything about our miserable lot and we are going down.


They have lied to us and ridiculed or persecuted anyone who would say differently. But here is the fact. You and I are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are not human beings having spiritual experiences. Its backwards. We actually have a place with the Good guys and we are expected to do whats necessary to clean this stuff up and right the wrongs. First you have to understand that truth has been taken from us and what to do about it has been taken from us as well. Now its time to get it back!

This is going to be somewhat of an eye opening experience for some of you. It was certainly for me when I found out about this.


The Threefold Flame of the Heart

The Threefold Flame of the Heart

The Three-Fold Flame

We have a spark in our hearts that’s about a 16th of an inch in height and its has been called the three fold flame. Its made up of the primary colors of divine energy : Ruby, Yellow and Blue. This threefold flame is our direct connection to the source. It is this source and the Light that the fallen angels want us to misuse, and the Light that comes with it, they want. This is our authority and right and it was granted by the creator. It’s what allows us to make a claim, ask for assistance and the hierarchy of Light must respond. So this threefold flame must be protected, nurtured and guarded. With it comes great responsibility and great authority. Its what makes us different from the fallen angels because in their anger they have been cut off from the source until they realize that it is the creator who has granted this to us and with humility and asking forgiveness, they too return to the source.

OK so now you know we have the authority to speak for the Light on the planet. Great responsibility indeed! People have been pursuing the creator for eons, and what they need to do to get back to the source. Its been in our chests all along and unfortunately we have forgotten who we are in many cases and what we need to do and how to use it. There is a reference in the Christian bible to exactly this search. This passage in the New Testament book of Luke was a response by the master Jesus to His disciples when asked when the kingdom of God would come: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) It doesn’t matter what religious faith or doctrine this is a fact. At the mystical core of ALL of religions you will find that they speak of the ultimate truth within us.  Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam it doesn’t matter. Again the fallen angels have tried every which way to lead us astray of  the truth in this regards. The fallen angels have successfully taken an understanding of two main spiritual principles from us in the West. In the East, other types of understandings have been withheld and so the East and the West, each having only a part of the truth are separated from the whole. We will discuss the Eastern religions later but for now lets talk about the prevalent lies in the West. So for the West, it turns out these are the cornerstones that if we understood these, allot of unknown and confusing spiritual teachings suddenly become crystal clear. The dark forces have worked very hard at masking two major spiritual principles from us. When people find out about these two, it causes a huge problem for some, so convinced they are of the lie. I know people who will argue until the cows come home that these two truths cant be correct. Understanding them would cause too much turmoil in their worlds and they will not have the solid foundation of their believes even if it makes them wrong in allot of other things. It goes contrary to every religious doctrine they may have learned. Remember we said, the fallen angels are master manipulators and have made truth look wrong and evil look right. In our next part we talk about the two greatest lies we have been led to believe. Correcting the truth about these two is going to make the biggest difference and free us and allow us to understand the equation of prophecy and what to do about it. The fallen angels do not want us to know these truths and certainly not to believe them. Part 5 next – the big lies of the West.

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