Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 3 The Meaning of Prophecy

In the first two parts we laid some ground work about the bad guys the fallen angels, the good guys the Ascended Masters and some understanding about how we need to appeal to to the Great Umpire to turn back prophecy. But what is prophecy? Its a potential future news report. They are events that are likely to happen because the energy behind them have not been dealt with. We are going to get a little scientific here so if science isn’t your cup of tea, that’s quite alright. Just bare with it, I’ll keep it simple.

Everything we do has energy associated with it. Any thought, action, or spoken word carries an energetic imprint or pattern. These energies are recorded in an area known as akasha. This area resides on a different plane of energetic vibration that we cannot see but exists. If you doubt, take a look at the electromagnetic energy spectrum, visible light, the part we see is extremely limited and narrow if you compare it to the whole spectrum. It takes up a very small part of the total energy spectrum. The point being there is much more that we don’t see and sense but its there. The energy accumulates into large pools of negative dark energy. Wars, murders, negative thoughts and events all contribute to these pools of energy. They will accumulate until it spills back into the physical where we live as sickness, diseases, tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, catastrophes, accidents and any and all many of events. We are not separate from these events. They can effect us mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Some of these energies are ours, but allot of it is momentums that are on a planetary scale.

These pools and accumulations of dark energy can be greater or smaller depending on the factors involved. I know many areas in the United States for example where there have been repetitive events that have contributed to the negative events that have not been cleared there. Energies we do not see. Have you ever had the experience of walking into a room where an argument has just taken place and you can literally feel the energy of that argument in the room?I remember a section of road that was know for its repetitive accidents. These are areas which accumulate the negative events of accidents and “pile on” more energy to an already sensitive place in the earth. These need to be spiritually cleared and that energy needs to be re qualified into positive energy and the record of the event needs to be removed. Can we do these things? We can assist by invoking the presence of the good guys to clean up the records and energy and return it to its pristine state. In the case of the road, if even just one of us requests assistance for this area then the spiritual forces have the authority to move in and clean up.  The Ascended Masters have stepped forward to give us tools to deal with these personal and planetary energies. The Violet flame is one such spiritual energy that vibrates at a high frequency. When it encounters such dark energies, it raises the vibration of the energy transforming them through a process called transmutation back into a higher frequency. The energy gets “re-qualified” into higher spiritual energy and the record eventually gets cleared – actually wiped clean as if it never happened. The Ascended Master Saint Germain actually brought the understanding of the use of the violet flame to us for use in cleaning this up. Other Ascended Masters have vowed to assist in the cosmic cleanup and to get us free from these momentums and have offered spiritual dispensations – grants of spiritual support and energy to clean this up. We only have to call on them to assist.

It is this negative energy which magnetizes more of itself and all of the negative energy ever expended in perverse or out of balance ways that comes home to roost. Bam! a violent storm develops, and accident happens. We need to call down support from the good guys to clean this and ourselves up to hold back these potential events. So the watch word for Prophecy is and needs to be:

“Prophecy is Given, so that Prophecy will Fail”

This is the hope that we DO NOT have to go through these events, but can choose to enlist the aid of the forces of Light to intervene and turn these back so they never occur. The fallen angels don’t want us to succeed. They would rather see us burn up and go down with them. I assure you, God doesn’t want to see that happen. But we need to take the steps to get ourselves out of the way because we don’t want to go down with them.

Stay Tuned for Part 4 – Where we come in


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