Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 2 The Rules

In part 1 we talked about the fallen angels and the hierarchy of Light – The Ascended Masters from all races of Life, all religions, the Saints, angelic realms and the forces of Light. They do exist and they are the force of God of all that is good, righteous, fair and honorable. They emanate the pure white Light of God and they come from all walks of life, they have ascended from every country, every religious discipline, and they form the mystical body of God in heaven. They are responsible for spiritual enlightenment and to help the evolutions of the planet to achieve their Divine plans, which each one of us has.  This body encompasses all of the evolutions of Light and they call themselves the “Great White Brotherhood”. The term “White” as used here has nothing to do with race or color of the skin, but to the pure White Light in their auras.  A good work that would help with the understanding of the Great White Brotherhood in History can be found here: The Great White Brotherhood: In the Culture, History and Religion of America (I will be recommending good books and videos to fill in on some of the subjects as we discuss them.)

In many religions, Christianity among them, there is a belief that God will intervene and save humanity from itself without us doing much of anything and that somehow God will automatically intervene to stop total war or cataclysm or that He will intervene in personal affairs. There is a belief that all we will need to do is wait it out. But unfortunately, this is not the truth.

Prophets deliver messages of potential or impending doom. We have everyone from Mother Mary to Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce, to Major Ed Dames warning about the “Kill Shot”, any number of psychics telling us to beware because the end is near, events can happen and we better straighten up or face the consequences. Are these real? Oh yes, they can be. So why does God allow this to happen? People see events in their personal lives and get angry because God didn’t come and save their child or their house from burning down. Whats the deal with this?

The answer is surprisingly simple: FREE WILL! God doesn’t intervene because we didn’t ask or because we didn’t ask correctly. Okay, I’m simplifying this. There is a little more to this that you need to know.

Base Runner

Base Runner

Let me explain with an analogy. For those of you who play or have played organized baseball, this is a quiz. For those who haven’t just follow along to get the point.

There is a runner on second base. There is a batter at the plate. The pitcher throws a ball and the batter swings and hits a deep drive to center field. It drops in for what looks to be an easy double. The runner on second seizing the opportunity to make it all the way home, rounds third base on the way to home plate. The runner touches home plate, but in his excitement to score the winning run, he fails to touch third base on his way around. I ask, ” Does the run count?” Okay I’ll give you a second to think about this. Most folks not having played organized baseball, will guess that the run doesn’t count. I mean why should it? Right, the guy failed to touch third base. BUT the answer is the run WILL count. UNLESS, now wait for it…UNLESS a member of the opposing team takes the ball, goes and stands on third base and appeals to the umpire for intervention! The Umpire CANNOT intervene even if the umpire sees  that the runner missed touching third base! The Umpire will not say or do anything until the opposing team makes the appeal. Once the umpire sees the appeal, the runner is declared out and the run DOES NOT COUNT!  That is the same spiritual law at work! God CANNOT ALWAYS intervene in our affairs. That’s how God plays the game! By the rules! What do those Ascended Masters or angelic realms require to step in and save us and change events? They need the appeal for the play at hand. They see it, but they are waiting for us to make the move. That is our job. We need to make the appeal, or else someone on our behalf needs to make that appeal to the forces of Light. Someone needs to act!

We are that opposing team trying to play by the rules . We see something wrong that needs intervention. Unfairness, mistreatment, someone breaks the law. The universe sees this too! Everything is recorded in akasha. All events, every thought, word, and deed is recorded there for review. So we need to appeal to the Divine Umpire to intervene. Then the process for remediation can start. So we ask the Great Umpire for guidance. God should just jump in and fix it, right? Well no, it doesn’t work that way. For the Ascended Masters or God or the angels or Divine providence to intercede on our or others benefit, we need to be in alignment in ways to allow the Cosmic law to work on our behalf. The force of Light is much greater than the forces of the darkness but we have to act as the player making the appeal to the Umpire of the Universe.

What can affect the response and timing of the help we and others may receive is our alignment with the law, our good karma (this will soon be explained), the mercy of the law, and the spiritual work we and others do on our behalf, among other things including cycles and timings, all of which can contribute to the outcome. Someone somewhere has to be spiritually accountable. More rules.

Now the fallen angels know the rules too and they are masters at manipulating others to break them. As we discussed in Part 1, these guys are the masters of deceit. They have infiltrated many schools of thought, instruction and teachings to point us in the wrong direction, give us false information, mislead and misguide us. They have withheld or blocked us from getting the truth, kept us from making faster spiritual progress, and kept us turned away from our Divine plan and our missions, turned us against each other and made us doubt who we really are and not know our roots. They have caused us to turn away from at least two major keys of knowledge, that if we were to fully embrace them regardless of our religious heritages, would go a long way to making things right.

If the bad guys wanted to attack and confuse their enemy how would this be done? The answer is: “Any way possible!”. The bad guys feed their enemy the wrong information, keep them from the truth, cut them off from their source of Light, use people against each other, divide and conquer friends and families by pitting them against each other, infiltrate the enemy’s camp, spread lies, and make what is right look wrong and what is wrong look right.

If you are interested in learning the plots of the fallen angels you might want to take a look at a couple of sources. C.S. Lewis wrote The Screwtape Letters which is a book about an older demon teaching a younger one how to foil the human consciousness. It is dated but enjoyable to read. A link to this book is here: The Screwtape Letters Another good book is the Strategies of Light and Darkness which details the plots of the forces of darkness and how to counteract them. It gives a good introduction to these plots and actually some advanced topics. Strategies Of Light And Darkness: Teachings from the Messengers at Maitreya’s Mystery School

What does this have to do with prophecy and turning things around? Prophecy is a reading of potential calamities that could come because the darkness has not been dealt with. Now that we have laid some ground work,  we will discuss what prophecy really is and what we can do about it. On to Part 3!

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