How to Get God’s Support -Patton Knew!

PattonAs we have discussed, the true support needed for the defeat of the forces of darkness and the turning around of negative prophecy comes from those who wield a higher power than the forces of darkness. That higher power comes from the Godhead and those who have graduated from earth’s school room, the Ascended Masters. We have talked about the Ascended Masters who are the good guys in the battle of light and dark.

They are the ones who through the correct application of the power wisdom and love of God, can defeat the forces arrayed against us on the planet. (See the prior blog post Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 1 The Players ) We know we need to make the call to them for that help if the victory is to be made permanent and be sustained.

General George S. Patton Jr. understood this all too well. During World War II the Nazis were on the ropes but had a serious punch left and surprised attacked the allies in the Ardennes forest. This attack along with very bad weather had the very real potential of allowing the German forces to win the war and sue the Allies for peace. The freedom of Western Europe was hanging in the balance.

Patton through intelligence reports sensed a potential attack by the Germans under the cover of the miserable weather and started to prepare plans to pull out of his existing campaigns to direct elements of his third army troops in the direction of a possible attack. He was also concerned that the weather would be the deciding factor in securing the Allied victory because he knew how vulnerable the allies were to defeat without air cover. The weather was not cooperating and was not supposed to be favorable for any air operations at all for the foreseeable future. He called up one of his chaplains Msgr. James H. O’Neil and instructed him to write a prayer for him and the troops and spoke to him about making sure that prayer and praying was foremost on the minds of the men. He instructed his Chaplain to pass along his thoughts about prayer to his men and the 486 Chaplains serving in the US Third Army. They distributed a prayer and training instructions to the chaplain’s and 250,000 copies of the prayer to the troops.

Patton’s intuition and promptings were spot on. The Germans attacked two days after the prayers had been distributed and under the cover of the bad weather,  at a position that was not well defended, they made significant advancement to reclaiming Belgium and portions of France. It was coined by the press as “The Battle of the Bulge”.  Patton was in the closest position to intervene however, he too needed a miracle to turn this situation around and free a surrounded town named Bastogne where the 101st US Airborne was just barely holding on to it. The Germans were demanding surrender of the 101st Airborne.

Patton turned his troops ninety degrees and battled towards Bastogne to relive them. Bastogne was the strategic key that the Germans needed to control to cut the Allied forces in half. In a move that will probably never be duplicated in warfare and unheard of in military history, Patton’s troops battled several hundred miles with no hot food, sleep or reinforcement to get to Bastogne.  The Germans had turned the tide and Patton had forseen this realized that only a miracle could turn the war and bring the victory.

To the surprise of the forecasters that did not expect clearing weather, the skies did clear four days after the German’s attacked. The allied aircraft were then able to fly in over the next week and destroy tanks and the German forces surrounding Bastogne and keep the Germans from reinforcing their troops. Patton had asked for clear weather, and got it long enough to secure the victory.

Even the best US military field commander of World War II who was feared by the Germans knew only victory was possible through prayer. Can we do no less? We need to claim our own personal victories to turn back prophecy.

Here is General Patton’s Prayer from the official Website of General George S. Patton Jr.  Pattons Prayer Card

Check out the section on the Agreement calls and give these with me for our victory too!

Msgr O’Neil’s story can be found here. The True Story of Patton’s Prayer


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