Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 7 The I AM Presence

In this Introduction Post, we will talk about the I AM Presence

We actually are co-creators with God and we act as an electrode for the focus of the Light that needs to be released to correct a situation or clear a prophecy. But we are not all pure, we have moods, bad hair days, things don’t always go right for us. How can we do anything for good if we are not perfect? That’s a lie the forces of darkness have used for centuries telling us through peers, our society, through images on TV, in magazines, on radio, and anywhere else they can find. Its meant to drum into us the lie that we are unworthy to be a son or daughter of God, that we are not worthy to be part of the solution. Those are all lies!  We must not accept those. We have a direct connection with our threefold flame, but there are other components of ourselves that allow us to act on behalf of the Light. We have a direct connection to the Godhead through our individualized manifestation of God called the I AM Presence. One key to our identification was given in the Jewish Torah and the Christian old testament where the name of God was revealed to Moses at the burning bush. In response to Moses question as to the name of God, “.. And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”  Using this key of the name of God I AM That I AM from  Judaism and Christianity, we can put together  a request from the authority of our spiritual selves.


Chart of the Divine Presence

Chart of the Divine Presence

Our I Am Presence is our Father -Mother God. This is the I AM THAT I AM that God individualized for every son and daughter of God. It is surrounded by seven concentric Spheres of rainbow light and this makes up our Causal body. Its all of the energy of the good and positive deeds, words and momentum we have done and identifies who we are as a son and daughter of God. If you look at the core mysticism of any religion you will see the same concepts of the individualized God figure. In Buddhism it is referred to the Darmakaya, in Hinduism it is the Ultimate Reality of Brahman. In the Chart to the Left, it is the top figure.

Since at the level of the I AM Presence perfection can only exist and we in the matter plane in our bodies are prone to error, their is another component of the God-Head which is a step down transformer which takes the pure energies of God and allows us to embody what we are able to without too much discomfort. In the Christian mystical traditions, this step down transformer is actually called the Holy Christ Self or anointed one or the guardian angel who is your dearest friend and the voice of your conscience. In Buddhism that same consciousness is described as the Sambhogakaya or the Inner Buddha, In Hinduism its the inner guru or Krishna conscience.

Tree of Life

The Jewish traditional teaching of Kabbalah  also identifies a central emanation of God in the tree of life named  Tiferet as a point of the coming together of beauty and compassion as the energy of the creator makes its way to us. A great book on Kabbalah that helps in the understanding of the Jewish Mystical traditions and its relationship to Christian teachings  is Kabbalah: Key To Your Inner Power (Mystical Paths of the World’s Religions

Each religion has its nomenclature, but the concepts are amazingly the same. This is a major key. At the core of the worlds major religions, the concepts are the same. By addressing these aspects of the Godhead in a call we have access to the consciousness of God, the Ascended Masters our Higher authority and we are now in the position to make a call and know that it will be answered.

Making an effective call is like addressing an envelope to the right people and writing a specific letter along with a closing and wrap up. Just like any well written letter we need to know who and how to address the letter, decide what needs to be included and the outcome requested and concisely direct an intention. Adding to this is visualization of the desired outcome and surrendering all of it to the will of God. All are key components of an effective call for help..

A silent prayer is good, but no where as nearly as as effective as the Science of the Spoken Word. Words affect the physical matter plane and where we are. If this subject interests you, look at the work of Dr. Emoto who studied the effects of sound and prayer on water which was then frozen and photographed.  Depending on what sounds, phrases or prayer was directed at the water, the crystals took on different shapes. In the case of sounds such as rock and roll or heavy metal music, distorted crystals or no crystals form at all.  Here is a link to his website. Very interesting research.

Next we make the call! Part 8 – The Structure of the Call

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