Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 6 Groundwork

In the first posts we examined  the players involved in the prophecy drama, a couple of the basic rules, what prophecy is and where we stand in the mix. Now we discuss some groundwork for the call.

Laying the foundation

Laying the foundation

We talked about our relationship to God. It is through the authority of the hidden Three-fold flame of the heart. This is our direct connection to the hierarchies of Light and gives us the opportunity and the right to ask for intervention in our worlds. We also discussed the need to call for help so that we can get the assistance needed and the resources at the scale necessary to gain the intervention to turn back prophecies that could come upon us. The ONLY way we can receive assistance for problems in our worlds is through the intervention of the hierarchs of Light. Only the Ascended Masters and the hierarchies of Light have the wherewithal and the understanding of what needs to be done and how to correct these seemingly impossible situations we face in our worlds. This includes ourselves! The Ascended Masters and the Hierarchies of Light know EXACTLY what needs to be done and when, to correct any situation we can face within our selves or outside of ourselves no matter how desperate. They will intervene in our worlds according to our free will to allow them to and according to what the Great Law and Grace will also allow them to do. It will be according to the will and laws of the creator. By knowing these laws we increase our ability to take advantage of our direct connection and can gain help and assistance for ourselves, our families, our loved ones, our towns and cities and nations. Remember the fallen angels  strive to convince us that we are not worthy, do not have the opportunity, are not a saint, or a Buddha, or any other “label” to keep us from fulfilling our Divine reason for being and our Divine plans. They say: “Who are you to call for help and assistance? You are nothing but sinners and are imperfect” We must not accept this! These statements are absolutely false!  You can never perfect the human, it is impossible. They know that and keep parading in our faces, the mistakes and imperfections of the human. You can however continue to replace imperfection with our connection to the Godhead. We can, as it is said in the Christian bible  “… put on immortality”. Our authority is because of our threefold flames and this allows us to make that call with that authority. The bad guys do not want us to claim our connection to immortality. They want us a slaves and under their oppression. Each person has a Divine plan. Each family has a Divine plan.  Cities, nations and towns have Divine plans, but the bad guys are trying to keep these plans from unfolding. They keep us feeling unworthy, ignorant and confused to our true state. The keep us from understanding karma, reincarnation, the laws of cause and effect and the other cosmic Hermetic principles – the laws of cycles, the laws of gender and the other rules and why each of us has different circumstances to deal with.  A key text to read about the Hermetic laws which govern the universe can be found here –  The Kybalion . We will be using these principles as we call for help from the Ascended Masters and the forces of Light. The fallen angels make us believe that “money is the root of all evil” and that none can aspire to the same level of spiritual advancement as the Ascended Masters. Its actually the “LOVE of money above all else” that is the root of evil not the money itself because good things can be done with money, and yes we can attain to the same spiritual levels as the Ascended Masters!  The Ascended Masters graduated from the schoolroom of earth with their own special gifts  and gained the victory of the union with God. They are the Saints of the Catholics, they are the Tertons of Buddhism, they are the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu religion, they are father Abraham, Moses and others in the Jewish traditions. They are Jesus the man who became Jesus the Christ, they are Siddhartha who became Gautama Buddha and Lord Krishna. They are the Ascended Masters that have lent names to our mythologies and greatest images and icons in the world. They too had to work very hard for their victories. We are also expected to work for ours because its also our legacy and opportunity! In later posts we will discuss some of these topics and I would suggest  some very good reading. One such book about the Ascended Masters is  Lords of the Seven Rays which describes several of the Ascended Masters and their previous embodiments. Another key reference book about the Ascended Masters is The Masters and Their Retreats.

The forces of darkness align behind the negative events that take place on the planet. As we discussed in part 2, the spiritual law requires that someone ask for that intervention. Remember the Umpire at the baseball game. The spiritual hierarchy respects our free will and does not always intervene. We have to invite them in  A prayer or spoken fiat of just one individual can make the difference between intercession or not. Its knowing what to say and how that will make the effective difference. This is also a matter of the heart and there are several factors involved in whether a request can be responded to. Intention means allot. The heart is the connection to the source of all of the wisdom, love and power available through our request for assistance.  How is a call for assistance made? It can be done in a variety of ways. Using the Science of the Spoken Word there are several methods. You may be familiar with some or all of these methods.

  • Prayer – silent or aloud. Prayers spoken aloud are much more effective than silent prayer, a devout petition or supplication
  • Invocation – invoking or calling upon the forces of light for aid, supplication or assistance
  • Fiat – a determined focus for a specific action or intervention
  • Call – A spiritually directed request and intention, spoken in the name of God and by our direct connection and authority. The most direct application to the Godhead. Frequently used in emergency situations.
  • Mantra – spiritually worded or mystical formula of words to intensify the action of God in man. Many times written in Sanskrit.
  • Decree – a command of the son or daughter of God made in the name of the I AM Presence and the Christ for the will of the Almighty to come into manifestation as above so below. This is the most powerful application that can be made to the Godhead.
  • Chant – such as the names of God to bring a closeness of the supplicant to the spiritual energies of  God. Used historically in canticles or singing of psalms in church or devotional services
  • Affirmation- assertion that something exists or is true. Used to counteract the assertions of evil or untruth
  • Novena’s – a series of any of the above offered in a set over a duration of some length to achieve intervention. Historically a “nine day” but now meant to be any length of dedicated spiritual work for a specific outcome.

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