Turning Back Negative Prophecy – Part 5 The Two Lies of the West

In our last post, we spoke of two lies that prevail in the religious thinking and cultures in the West. These two lies have had the most negative impact on the religious thinking and spiritual progress of the West. In prior posts we discussed the manipulations of the bad guys, the fallen angels. They are pros, experts at deception and misdirection. They have played the game long and hard. They know how to deceive and how to keep people misdirected. They have infiltrated religious thought and doctrine. That is why its so hard to make an adjustment in thinking. There are literally millions of years of momentum of lie and false storytelling behind it. Notice I said millions of years, and not just what is perceived as recorded history. What I am about to say for some of you is going to be as shaking and paradigm shifting as the concept of the round world was to flat world thinkers in the days of Columbus. For others, you already know this and it’s not a big deal. For yet others like myself, I wasn’t sure until I asked for the truth…and got it! It has been said that “If people knew better they would do better”. I subscribe to that thinking for it gives hope and comfort. So onward we go.

Alright, here is the first one. In the West this concept is not accepted widely, however, the thinking along these lines is beginning to emerge and prevail in the main stream. Every thought, every word, every action has upon it an energetic signature that gets imprinted in a section of the creation called Akasha. In Akasha there are the recordings, or records, of everything that occurs, from the negative shouting matches and flipped fingers in traffic to the kind words and loving thoughts of someone to another. All of it is recorded. Since time began it has been recorded. Eventually, it all comes back to the sender, both good and bad. The energy is imprinted and its vibration carries a personal signature and it is tagged with the ID of the sender, every bit of it! So everything is there. As they say, every jot and tittle! The process of the return of that energy can be good or it can be bad. In Western Christian theology the process is know as “The Golden Rule”,  as you sow, so you shall reap. In the East, the concept is called “karma”. Same exact thing. There is good karma, bad karma, not so bad karma, good juju, bad juju, whatever you choose to label it, it is the return of negative and positive energy we and others have sent forth. For the sake of our discussions, I will use the term karma. Remember karma can be good or bad.

Dauntless Dive Bomber from WWII

Dauntless Dive Bomber from WWII

Okay, here is number two: reincarnation. This I know could be a hard one for allot of you. But I write here today knowing full well reincarnation is real. This isn’t because I visited a psychic who told me I was in the American Revolution, although I did and that was an interesting story in itself for another post. It was because I asked God directly, and I got an answer – from God. One day I was quietly relaxing and had my eyes closed when all of a sudden I was watching a full color, full smells, full hearing ,”I was there”, totally engaged, in an experience of being in World War  II in the Pacific. I was  a pilot in the cockpit of what I now know was a Dauntless dive bomber in the area of the Pacific which I believe was Midway. I could smell the engine fuel oil, hear the radio and what was being said, hear the engine and see a squadron of Japanese zeroes out my window above and to the left. I was there feeling and sensing everything that was going on, flight control stick in my hand and my feet on the rudder peddles. Now that was something! I surprised myself out of my relaxed state. I had a similar experience later that day and for a couple of days and it was obvious to me that I was passing through the records – remember Akasha – of that embodiment. I didn’t need further convincing. Some may wish to debate that point, but I know I was there, and I remembered and I was flying that plane! It wasn’t my mind making it up. It was as if I was in that cockpit fully engaged in what I was doing. Smells, touch, hearing all fully active. It only lasted several seconds, but it was enough. There is more to the story but I will share that for another post. Reincarnation is real. We have been here before. We have taken on many roles and many events in our various lives. Some souls are new to the embodiment game and this may be their first or second lives, but a lot of us have been around for awhile and it’s time to go home. We are in a school room, a massive school room, learning lessons and trying to move on. Each embodiment is a clean white page of opportunity and allows us to balance personal karma we have with each other.

The fallen angels did a number on Christian theology especially during the First Council of Nicaea. Now while some good ensued for Christians in those councils such as the prohibition of castration, seeds of discord and unrest were sown and that is pretty typical of how that is done by the bad guys. Give the masses 80% truth and the rest is enough to keep the followers enslaved and controlled. That’s how it’s done. At some levels of our being we “feel” something is right about what we just heard and learned, but the rest we can’t be absolutely sure of so we put our faith in those that teach it. And many times the remaining 20% error is what has gotten us into trouble and we should not put our full faith in that one who is teaching us. That’s not the way things REALLY are. Its not Divine law and we operate on false assumption and error without even knowing it.  I will give you an example of what to ask for to help in discerning truth from unreality and error. We can’t always be sure what is accurate or not, and we need a tool to assist in helping us to know right from wrong, truth from falsehood.

In the East, the concepts of karma and reincarnation are very well know and accepted as fact. In both Buddhism and Hindu theology, karma and reincarnation are cornerstones of understanding. In fact there are more in the world that believe in karma and reincarnation than do not. An excellent source to follow on this subject can be found in a work entitled The Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus’ 17-Year Journey to the East. It’s argued, and quite well I may add, that Jesus actually traveled to India to learn Buddhic concepts for His mission in Galilee and pass them to the disciples. The years between 12 and 33 are a mystery in Christian scriptures that has been removed from the Christian mainstream theology. The bad guys left out any references to Buddhism or the study of Eastern scriptures. If you compare the teachings in the Buddhic Dhammapada to the Christian Sermon on the Mount, you will see uncanny parallels between the two. Here is a link to the Dammapada.

Now why are these two concepts, karma and reincarnation,  so important? Well take prophecy for example. If one understands that all the negative karma is coming due for resolution from 28000 plus years, one can easily see that that can explain why this energy needs to be dealt with and a lot of the energy is war upon war,  murders,  control of people and civilizations that rose and fell,  the dark ages, the ignoring of the bad guys in power and letting them control the resources and the money, prior civilizations conquering lands and peoples , genocides, you see the point. These guys also have been here before as well as most of us. Over and over, the same bad guys embodying in the economics, the banking houses, the highest levels of government and doing the same things they did before, manipulating, controlling, murdering and lusting after the light that they have been cut off from. The bad guys will still to this day not leave it alone. They are determined to destroy the Light and opportunity for us to make our direct connections with God even after all of the opportunities they have been given by the Godhead for redemption. Eventually enough becomes enough and the karma comes back and we need to get out of the way or we go down with it! Enter the Prophets and the warnings of things to come. It is to help us see that the negative energy is due for transmutation and could easily come upon us. We need to clean this up with the help of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms  before the cycles move on and the negative energy hits the physical

Lots of embodiments, lots of wars, lots of negativity and it’s all coming due now.  The Divine law says that this needs to be cleaned up, or experienced, before we can move on in a higher Consciousness. So what we need to do is clean this up, asking for all the help we can before the karma becomes too hard to bear. This new understanding is our birth into a new revolution of higher consciousness.

Part 6 – Groundwork

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